• 1. Insole

    Capacity: 5000 pairs per day.

    Material: leather, a special sort of cardboard (texon), ecological material (aloe fibers built into a cardboard stucture), different kinds of sponges (trapunto), texon covered with felt.

    Types of insole: made for men, women and kids, half-insole for moccasins, special kinds of insole for high heel sandals, two-part insole (leather - special type of cardboard). The shoe last is used.

  • 2. Countre

    Capacity: 2500 pairs per day.

    Material: a special kind of cardboard (semi-natural material of various thickness).

    Types of countre: countre for men, women and kids ( maximum sole height of 8cm), boot countre.

  • 3. Sole

    Capacity: 2000 pairs per day.

    Material: leather, artificial materials, microlyte, neolyte, rubber tiles, ornamental tiles.

    Types of sole: Soles for men, women and kids, one-part sole with a masonite heel, with or without welt.

  • 4. Welt

    Capacity: 5000 pairs per day.

    Material: neolyte, microlyte, leather and salpa.

    Types of welt: decorated, stitched, flat; widths range from 2.5 to 12 mm.

The shoe consists of the lower part (SOLE) and the UPPER.

Between the sole and the padding there is a part called INSOLE.

Shoe statics is provided by a steel spring called SHANK.

Stiffening - COUNTRE provides stability of the bottom part of the shoe.

For particular sole items a special decorative tape called WELT is used.