Founders of the company are:
, Slavica i Aleksandar Arandjelovic.
  The manufacture of shoe bottom parts began in 1988 in Jagodina (former Svetozarevo).
  Company's modern ambience was established in Belgrade in 1995. Education, expertise, good management, technological innovations, cutting-edge technologies and computer science are the core of our production.
  Constant presence on international and domestic fairs.
  Great interpersonal relationships, love for profession and care for the employees have been the basic principles from the very beginning.
  Among other activities there is constant concern about shoemaking industry issues and solving ongoing problems, planning and proposing for the future shoe industry in Serbia. The first association of private shoe manufacturers was formed during the 1990s.
  Experience and know-how is handed down to younger generations that establish technological innovations, improve production, and stick to slogan "maintain high level of order, discipline and work".
  And thank God, the youngest arrive!